By connecting to the Atrum IRC network, you agree to abide by the following rules.

  1. Any DDoS/Network based attacks directed at the IRC network are strictly prohibited.
  2. No flooding or spamming/advertising directed at channels, users or services.
  3. A maximum limit of 4 connections per IP/host is allowed. Should you require more than 4 connections please ask in #help. Abusing this limit to clone is prohibited.
  4. Channels on our network may have their own rules in addition to our network rules. Please make sure that you are aware of these rules as well. We will not get involved with channel issues, those who run the channel have final say there.
  5. Bots are allowed provided they have usermode +B set.
  6. Impersonation of a Network Service is strictly prohibited.

Violation of the above network rules may result in immediate and possibly permanent termination of the network connection. It may also result in loss of privilege on the network such as nicknames/memos/access/etc. The decision of what punishment to be carried out on violation of the rules is entirely based on the discretion of the Admin/IRC Operator at the time of the offence, and based on the severity of the offence. By connecting to (or not disconnecting from) The Atrum IRC Network, you accept these rules and agree to abide by them at all times.

Atrum and individual server administrators reserve the right to allow or disallow connections to this network, without any prior notification and without justification; and to act in any way they see fit against individuals and organizations abusing the network, its resources or its users.

Due to the nature of IRC the Atrum IRC Network and its staff take no responsibility for and explicitly disclaim any legal liability for the content of any messages or files that pass through this network as the result of connecting or running any commands whilst connected to it.